Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Come and get dressed up by Mrs Jones on Friday!

This Friday Mrs Jones is having a party and a sale at her fabulous studio in Clerkenwell.  If you fancy coming along please drop me a line.

I may be biased as Fee is my best friend but she is the most wonderful, talented and hilarious person you'll ever meet.  I love her to bits.

Do you fancy being dressed up in one of Fee's creations?

Lizzie, Vicky from The Drama Parlour and I will be there to help

And Betty the wire haired poodle will be there too of course.  She doesn't look like this at the moment as someone got a bit scissor happy down at the dog parlour

The studio is like something out of Mr Benn.  Anyone remember Mr Benn?

There are plenty of amazing outfits and accessories to try and on and also to buy.  There's everything from showpieces and costumes (there's a whole rail we call "Pop star's droppings") and lots of very wearable stuff.

Don't worry - there's something for every budget I promise

I don't think we'll be drinking much tea ; )

If you're not familiar with Fee's work she designed...

Kylie's amazing hooded catsuit

Fee and I used to go out wearing these...

And this gorgeous leather tracksuit (also in the Can't Get You Out Of My Head video)

Photography by Polly Borland
Lots of things for Alison Goldfrapp.  Being mad on hoods I love this red riding hood number

There are too many artists to list but here's a few more

She made this amazing cape and turban for Clare Maguire

And this brilliant headdress for Kirsty Almeida - her album is brilliant

Here's the lovely Florence in Mrs J

Tons of outfits for the Scissor Sisters.  I love Ana Matronic in this stunning kimono

This is something random she did for Rizla

She does boys too - Like The Killers and Brandon's famous feather shoulder jacket

Men are very welcome too.  Get yourself down boys!

And there's a roof terrace

I've blogged these before but here we are back in 2001 - the terrible twosome!  We need to get a new picture together.  Fee's son George tried on New Year's Eve but we looked like a couple of drunk Siamese twins so they were swiftly deleted!

And some very old polaroids of me looking miserable as sin.  I didn't like having my photo taken back then either.

Me wearing Mrs Jones silk Harley Davidson dress with leather collar, 2001

I wish she still made these

Mrs Jones silk Jim Morrison dress with leather collar, 2001

Taken in Fee's back garden in the dark...

Me in Mrs Jones Liberty peacock print silk kaftan jumpsuit, December 2010

2011 - a normal day at the office

I couldn't see a bloody thing through those glasses!  It was like tripping

This is one of my favourite pictures of Fee

We went to this exhibition about Shoreditch and the first thing we saw was this  picture blown up on the wall, it was massive.  It' Fee DJ'ing the mid Nineties.  Those were the days!

The guy said Fee could keep it after the exhibition finished.  We need to get onto that as it would be a lovely thing to keep and it doesn't photograph too well through glass.

One more thing... 

Please take a couple of minutes to watch Mrs Jones Showreel

There's loads more amazing videos that need to be added

Read my interview with my fabulous friend Mrs Jones here

Anyway, if you fancy popping in on Friday leave a comment or email me.
It'll be loads of fun xxx


Kitty said...

Oh I'd love to come (but obviously can't) what a treat it'd be!

Miss Peelpants said...

So tempting!! If I'm a very good girl and get all my work done by then, I'll definitely come!! xx

Ms. Moon said...

God, you're brilliant and so is Mrs. Jones.
What fun you're going to have! How I wish I could be there. Please tell Fee that a woman from Florida is wishing her all the very, very best. Raise one for me, darling.

Terri said...

This would be so much fun! I'd try on the peacock thing.

My mother has assigned me to ask you what British people eat...for a party she is planning. I am embarassed to ask, but doing my daughterly duty. :)

Emma - Eating Diamonds said...

I would SO SO SOOOOO love to come but I just can't make it all the way to London on Friday. I will definitely try to make it before Burning Man in September as I'm sure there are some treasures that I can seek out for taking away to the desert with me xx

Cas said...

Ahh I would love 2 come thats the kind of thing I love.. Looks amazing but I guess I'd better wait as I may drop.. Always miss the best stuff.

Vintage Vixen said...

I would love to come! It would be brilliant to rifle through those rails and try one those fabulous pieces and meet you and Mrs Jones.
Ah well, maybe next time. xxxx

MyStyle said...

Hi there-What a wonderful post and totally awesome pictures, her pieces are utterly stunning and it will be a real blast on Friday. Very best of luck to her and hope you all have a fabulous day too xxx

Mondo said...
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Penny Dreadful said...

I absolutely cannot wait, I am definitely coming. Isn't the Jim Morrison dress incredible (not to mention your supermodel figure in it). Really looking forward to finally meeting you both, I am really excited. Should I bring wine, or is that sort of thing all sorted? xx

Alex said...

Timing hates me! I'm actually close-ish to London (well, does Watford count?) for once on Friday but not till really late in the evening cos I'm stuck in work all day and then we have to drive down :(

Would so love to eventually meet you as well, grrr!

Dash said...

I would love to come, but you know, logistics. I love that photo of Fee DJ'ing, she looks fab and iconic.

I keep hearing Clare
Maguire's song on the Renault advert, it always reminds me of you, Fee and the wonderful studio, or as I think of it an Aladdin's cave of wonderfulness. Your right Fees studio is just like Mr Benn, I used to love Mr Benn.

Make Do Style said...

Drat - why I am already busy, this is intolerable! I'm distraught!

I feel as if I'm going to be missing best thing ever. I loved Mr Benn btw.

I will see if I can reschedule things but pretty unlikely as it is my last day of work so I can't see me getting out of it.

susanne james said...

Yo Christina,

I met you at Lee's farm a few weeks ago. Would love come to this. Will you be there around 8 would be lovely to see you.



susanne james said...

Actually, will come in the afternoon en mass with the kids if that ok? They would love it - would that be alright?


Wildernesschic said...

I would love to be there you know it xx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Wish I could! But that shit's a long swim from Ohio.

Make Do Style said...

PS The skirt was £29.99 which I thought was great x

sacramento said...

I wish I live closer. I would be ther like a rocket, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh drearm, dream...

Smashingbird said...

This looks like fun, I'm sure you'll have a blast. I'll have to come and meet you at one of these sometime! xxx

Ciccia said...

Oh, this is my kind of place! I would love to be dressed up as one of Fee's creations! Wow, it's a dream! Cristina, I found you at my friend youngatheart's blog. You can send your massage guy here to Trapani...both my daughter and I have back problems so we're in need of a good massage...not like the one at the hamman though that our mutual friend had:) Following you from Trapani, Sicily!

Butterfly said...

I'm in London this weekend & might just drag a friend along to see the creative wonderland, it looks amazing. xx

Young at Heart said...

oooh looking forward to it!! x

YvonneSedition said...

I was there last year with my friend Sara, but obviously can't make it this year which is such a shame. Sara won't be there either as she's travelling in South America. I think we bought some jewellery that was a collaboration with Tatty Devine. It was great fun, I remember the peacock jumpsuit too. And the drinks which were quite strong!

Fashionistable said...

Well she is more than a little bit special. Friday... I will see what I can do, no promises as yet, if I can it will be later in the day, early evening. Xxxx

That's Not My Age said...

Hi Christina,

What time is it on till?


Carly said...

Ooh I'd love to come. I won't be free til after 8 though. Any idea when it will be finishing? Can you put my name (Carly Florentine) down plus 1? Thank you x

La Dama said...

sounds fabuloso,unfortutely we are planning and saving for our trip to Cali in May.
doggie with pacifier is the cutest.
your such a modelo,you look in Jim Morrison dress.

L'age moyen said...

Wish I could but it would involve airfare. I love the halter dresses you modeled. Would kill for one - and it would take me back a few decades to the dress I made for a Grade 12 prom! Most of all I love her hair - mine wouldn't stay put but that's what I'm after.

MilaneseGAL said...

d i v i n e !

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear All, apologies for late reply. You are all welcome. Carly - I don't know how to reply to you but that's totally fine xx

Jill said...

Everything Florence wears is fabulous. You look darling and radiant as usual!